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It's only been about six short weeks since the last time I posted anything here. Shortly after the last time I posted a winter storm moved through my neighborhood. And then another about a week or so later. It was the kind of rain that soaks into the ground instead of running off. Twice there was a 12 hour period of steady, soft, gentle drizzle.

Needing a break from LJ, (I'm too empathic) I decided it was a good time to stop and retune my aura and shake up my chakras. So I have been enjoying the wonderful spring weather. It's been abnormally cool, whereas it has been cookin' by now in the past years. Since this was the first good soaking here in three years, all plants are trying to take advantage of the long awaited moisture.

misc 045rs 

It started slowly.  A trickle of color here and a smattering of pastel there.  After a couple weeks I started noticing little patches of wildflowers here and there.  Sand verbenia and primrose began to sprout up everywhere.  Whole fields of sunflowers and dandelions.  Every flower the desert has to offer was in the mix.  Suddenly my teency tiny corner of the planet, my miniscule insignificant portion of the universe is awash with brilliant colors.  Everywhere I look I see flowers of all kinds.  The heavenly scent of the verbenia and primrose and all the others permeates the atmosphere.  The wonderful aroma fills the senses and causes one to feel at ease and at peace with the universe.  Bright pastels and vivid base colors mixed up everywhere so that the mind wonders if this isn't some weird acid trip brought on by some bad bread or something.

I've taken many pictures and plan on taking more next week.  Ive uploaded some to flickr and constructed this little thumbnail gallery for this journal page.  This is just a small sample.  I'll post a notice when I upload more to my photostream.





Have a happy Easter!!  From Mac.

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Mar. 26th, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
The flowers are pretty. The old farm equipment is awesome! I was sitting along the side of the road once at had one of those lizards come up to me. They are very friendly for being wild animals, the one that I played with was about 2 feet (Including tail) The one in your picture looks a lot bigger.
Mar. 26th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
glad someone is appreciating photos. actually the horny toad is only about 7 inches long. quite small really but i had the camera set on closeup so he looks like a monster. thanks for the feedback.

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