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Full Moon Tonight

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Got a couple hours before it gets dark so I thought I would drop a blog. LOL Get it? Drop a blog? Where's the shovel?

It has been quite windy last couple days but it seems to be subsiding a bit. If it's too windy it will make for a bad trip. I opened my door to go outside and the raven was in front of my house just floating in the wind. When it's windy they can almost float motionless. He started moving when he saw me so I spoke to him. "Are you hungry?" He turned his head and looked at me when I spoke so I said to him, "Here's some food the foxes didn't eat, do you want it?". With that I stooped over and picked up a plate with Thanksgiving scraps I had put out for the foxes. The foxes have not been around since Thursday thanks to the "Weekend Warriors". I'm trying to keep an even keel for tonight's photo session so I won't even get into my dislike of the weekenders. Suffice it to say that they have no respect for nature, or other people's property. And if they keep up their cheap shit sooner or later I might run out of patience. So, anyway, the raven saw me pick up the plate so he circled around in front of me and landed about 15 yards away. I walked out away from the house towards him and threw the food on the ground. I went back inside and looked out a few minutes later to see him hurriedly gobbling down his windfall. The pieces that were small enough for him to eat anyway.

I drove over to the oasis today and looked around. It's been a long time since I've seen it. There's a small pond there completely surrounded by large palm trees. and a line of palm trees where the Native Americans used to let the water drain. The line goes in the direction of the buriel ground. It's all on private property with an inn and restaurant there. I think the best way for me to have access for photography there at night is to rent a bungalow for a day and night. I think I'll do that. I just haven't decided when.

Tonight I would like to go back to the cemetery and take photos. Also I'm going to take pics of the oasis from outside the barbwire fence. It shouldn't take me too long. I'll bring the laptop so I can view the pics full size right after I take them. I'm looking forward to photographing the oasis at night but I'll have to wait until I set up a date and rent a hut to do it right. I don't think the owners would feel comfortable with some stranger walking through their property, taking pictures, in the middle of the night. It would probably end up ugly with the sheriff involved and tresspassing charges.....It just wouldn't be a comfortable scene. There's no way to hide the flash.

So it's after four now, guess I'll leave about nine or ten. If it's windy though I don't think I'll bother. Better fire up some dark roast and get a caffiene fix. In the meantime anyone reading this....Take care and have a wonderful day.


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Nov. 25th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
I love the full moon! One of my favorite days!
Can't wait untill you rent a hut and see what happens!

I love birds my fav is a Crow they come around me alot!

I have not heard the term "weekend Warriors" since I wasworking with the Medicine woman up here last summer!

I am going out to walk around the lake today one more time before the big snow comes and I can't do it!
There is so much wild life walking around down there I love it.
the trees are so old and love to "talk"!
Nov. 26th, 2007 12:19 am (UTC)
Lakes are bichin! I love lakes. Real ones more than manmade ones. The real ones have the accumulated karma from thousands of years.
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