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Jan. 17th, 2008

Dear Journal.

Great balls of fire! Has it been two weeks since I scratched out any cyberglyphs? I've got all this empty space provided to me by LJ so I should be grateful and try to squeeze out a few thoughts.

First of all on a personal level.....BRRRRRR! It's cold today. It's only in the 50s. The 50s!!! This time of year the temp is normally in the 60s or 70s. Us desert folk ain't used to these arctic temps. Thar's a cold wind a blowin' through them thar hills. I get it though, it's all thanks to global climate change. I like the cold, it's an indication of a short mild summer. Of course for a short time our temps will be well in the 100s, but it's worth it because of the beauty of the rest of the year. A good solid soaking this time of year will cause the desert to bloom with acres and acres of beautiful wildflowers. When that happens you know I'll be out there to get some wonderful photographs.

I posted to Aura Spectrum last night. I hope someone in the community reads it and leaves a comment. I'm not sure if all the members of the comm. read anything there. There's only a small handful of members that ever comment or post. I was going to do some dissin in my post but alas, the rules forbid it. (laughs out loud) I would like it if more people would get involved but it doesn't break my heart if they don't. I even have friends and a relative in the comm. but they don't post or comment either. Oh well, LOL, the community is for the study of things that are unseen.......go figure. It's a community full of ghosts. Don't get me wrong Journal, I'm not discouraged with the community, everyone in it is a wonderful person. I think we need more members so there will be a steady stream of input. How am I going to accomplish that? Maybe I can hire professional commenters. Like professional mourners at a funeral. Seriously, I think if the members were about 50 then more people would have something to share more often. I guess I'm going to have to come up with some kind of membership drive. Any suggestions?

It's almost a full moon again. I think I might go orb hunting at the oasis. Upon viewing the area with google earth I saw an area which looks like it might have been a major living area at one time or another. There are a lot of trees on the oasis in that area and it's going to be quite spooky. The clearing right next to it gives me vibes from the past. I really need to go visit the site in the daylight so I'll be more familiar with it at night. I'll pencil it in for Sunday.

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Jan. 19th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks Jess that's a good idea I'll have to spend some time thinking about it.




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